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May 21 2018

mmmm set up the new blog’s theme and am currently in the process of reblogging the best of this one

first time i ever hit the post limit lmao

I’ll be tooting a link to the new one once the migration is complete for those of you who still want to follow me!

May 20 2018

horns? tails? forked tongues? tired. i want an oc with lantern eyes. perpetual tapetum lucidum in all lighting conditions. nonstop woke_meme.jpeg

and then we can talk tails and horns and other monster paraphernalia

May 19 2018

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  • Introduced me to Persephone herself before I even laid eyes on the main LI of this route and she looks like THIS
  • young, beautiful, & seemingly available?
  • Calls me honey in second episode? I’m Gay, did you think i wouldn’t want to drop on one knee right then and there
  • GUN SHOW??!?!!!?!

All this and then

  • Won’t let me romance her? where’s the secret button to flirt with her instead of hades

Update: callout intensifies

I am crying REAL GAY TEARS @lovestruckvoltage!!! this is Not the sort of heartbreak I signed up for!!!

May 18 2018


Tracer, coming home with a disastrous bleach-blonde mohawk that looks like it’s trying to eat her head and wearing the most vissually affronting color combination she could possibly find: “How do I look, luv?!”

Emily, bursting into tears: “This is all my fault! I should have just stopped you when you wanted Crocs!”

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May 17 2018

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Tessa Thompson, at every given opportunity:


Just Top Things



Tracer: is literally a butch lesbian

Some assclown: sHe LoOks tOo mUcH liKe a BUTCH

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Some more quality Als


no offense but chubby / fat stomachs are cute as hell and people who don’t appreciate them are cowards

stop scrolling





and look at this man

he says thank you, you may continue scrolling now

since so many people like this man here are some facts about him for your reading pleasure:

- his name is Tubs

- he was a street cat before being taken to a shelter

- he was nearly put down because no one adopts cats everyone wants kittens

- he’s really soft

- like… Really soft

- he’ll start purring the second you start petting him or pick him up and it’s the deepest, most soothing purr ever

- he’s really good at sensing when someone is in distress and comes to cheer them up by doing silly cat things and headbutting them

- we have two other cats we got after adopting him and he’s their big brother

- he grooms the dog

- he will lick your hand while you pet him

- he has a white patch of fur on his tummy

- it took us months to figure out what to call him because we’d never had a “family” cat before so we couldn’t agree on a name

- we also call him Big Cat as well as his name because he is a Large boy

- no seriously he’s like 18 lbs

- he goes crazy if you scratch his back near his tail

- he steals hair ties and hides them… he has a stash somewhere but we have yet to locate it

- he opens cupboards and pulls out their contents and then just leaves

- he jumps on the counter and watches while the dishes are being washed

- he demands to be let into the bathroom if someone is in there

- he’s really fascinated by the toilet flush noise

- he has a personal vendetta against anything stick-like like pencils, paint brushes, popsicle sticks, etc. and will steal and destroy them

- he loves NERF darts

- he tries to escape sometimes but he gets like three feet out the back door and just sits there like “what do I do now”

- he’s surprisingly fast and agile for a cat his size

- he’s not even overweight or anything he’s just naturally this big

- he nearly died a few years ago due to a blockage in his urinary tract and is now on special food to make sure it never happens again

- he will go to the door to greet people coming in and loves to be around people

- he will try to steal the other cats’ food if we don’t watch while they’re eating

- he knows he shouldn’t do it because as soon as we approach him he runs off lmao

- he will share my bed with our newest cat Tiramisu when I’m not sleeping in it

- he’s a happy, friendly, perfect cat and I would die for him

- my mom is convinced he and our other male cat are both gay and Tubs is a bear

- I told him tumblr likes him and he headbutted me so I’m relaying it to everyone who liked/reblogged this post he loves you all


Wow thank you so much for the details we needed them

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Hachiko with some friends (Source:






by the way the funniest thing ive read all week is this post on reddit i think where somebody asked for the pros and cons of different stem majors and so this one girl responded and she said she was a software engineer i believe and then she said “ok pro #1. i never have to wait in line for the bathroom ever again. there are more female restrooms in this building than there are women”

pro #2: growing up i was surrounded by so many saras. just. saras everywhere. which sara do you want? but now, as a software engineer, I am the only sara. the eleven marks weep in jealousy. 

the marks smdjdjdjdjd YEAH when i took my first compsci class the lab section had twice as many nicks than there were women

someone was complaining to me about how there are too many ryans on the team, and i said “you wanna know how to fix that? hire more women” and the only other woman sitting nearby spat out her coffee

The Society of Women In Physics at my university had a whole campaign with the tagline “More Daves than Women” which was factually true in the physics department

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An Artist 👌🏻

May 16 2018

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Making the burgundy dress.

Design, patterns and sewing made by me. The dress is renaissance inspired, with some personal modifications. The whole dress was hand sewn, including the hems. More pictures of it and a tutorial can be found on my blog.  

I can’t even begin to express how beautiful this is


normalize period talk. I want to bitch about my cramps  and the acne and the goddamn russian roulette of “is she here yet” and the price of pads and the ineffective painkillers without worrying that i will Make A Man Uncomfortable and he’ll tear into me like i’ve offended him and his lineage back seventeen generations, and then imply that my mental capability is lowered because i’m not pregnant this month

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Lovestruck 5/16 New Releases:

Havenfall is for Lovers: Vanessa Season 1 Episodes 1 ~ 3

Starship Promise: Orion Season 6 Episodes 10 ~ 12

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